Symposium dan Workshop Alveoli FK UNS Emerging and Reemerging Disease

Panitia Symposium dan Workshop Sumpah Dokter FK UNS proudly presents:


"A Latest Review of Emerging and Reemerging Disease in Pulmonary and Internal Medicine"

📅 July 16th, 2017
🏢 Emerald Grand Ballroom, Solo Paragon Hotel Surakarta

Moderator: Farih Raharjo, dr., Sp.P., M.Kes
📚Overview of Emerging and Reemerging Respiratory Disorder
👤Rizki Febriawan, S.Ked
📚Advances in Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment of SARS, MERS-COV, and Avian Influenza
👤Prof Tjandra Yoga Aditama, dr., SpP(K), -MARS, DTM&H, DTCE

📚An Updated Guideline for The Treatment of Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis
👤Jatu Aphridasari, dr., Sp.P(K)
📚Diagnosis and Treatment of Community Acquired Pneumonia
👤Dr. Reviono, dr., Sp.P(K)

Sesi 2:
Moderator : Agus Jati Sunggoro, dr., Sp.PD
📚Overview of Systemic-Related Pulmonary Disorders
👤Michael Sophian Putra, S.Ked
📚How to Manage Respiratory Diseases with HIV Complication
👤Bambang Sigit Riyanto, dr., Sp.PD-KP
📚New Sepsis Guideline : What's The Difference in 2017?
👤Arifin, dr., Sp.PD, KIC
📚Medicolegal Pitfalls on Airway Management
👤Dr. H. Hari Wujoso, dr., Sp.F, M.M

Sesi 3:
Moderator: R. Prihandjojo Andri Putranto, dr., M.Si
📚Overview of Respiratory Emergency
👤Immanuel Billy Brilliandi, S.Ked
📚Management of Life‐Threatening Haemoptysis
👤Ali Haedar, dr., Sp.EM
📚Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome: Current Update of Diagnosis and Management
👤Prof. Menaldi Rasmin, dr., Sp.P (K)*
📚Status Asthmaticus as Pulmonary Emergency: How to Manage
👤Prof. Dr. Suradi, dr., Sp.P (K)., MARS

Workshop A
📚Chest X-Ray as A Diagnostic Tool for Respiratory Disorder
👤Dr. Widiastuti, dr., Sp. Rad (K)
📚Thoracocentesis: Overview, Procedural, and Technique
👤Dr. Yusup Subagio, dr., Sp. P(K)

Workshop B
📚Modality of Oxygen Therapy in Intensive Care Unit
👤Eko Setijanto, dr.,  M.Si, Med. Sp.An KIC
📚Intubation : Proper Judgement and Practical Aplication
👤Akhmad Jufan ,dr., M.Sc, Sp.An KIC

ADMISSION early bird (before 16th June, 2017)

💳 Symposium only
Dokter Muda/Mahasiswa/Umum/Tenaga Medis lainnya : IDR 190k**/210k
Dokter Umum/PPDS : IDR 250k**/270k
Dokter spesialis/subspesialis : IDR 350k**/370k

💳 Symposium and Workshop
Dokter Muda/Mahasiswa/Umum/Tenaga Medis lainnya : IDR 380k**/400k
Dokter Umum/PPDS : IDR 400k**/420k
Dokter spesialis/subspesialis : IDR 550k**/570k

CP: Abdur (081338153217)

📌IDI accreditation
📌Limited 100 seats for each Workshop